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Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

Web Hosting: Which package to go for?

Linux Web Hosting or Windows Web Hosting offers a range of Windows and Linux web hosting packages to suit almost every need. Given this choice, customers are often confused or unsure which package is suitable for them. Here are some tips:

I am using Windows XP
Most people are under the assumption that because you use Windows on your desktop, you should go with Windows hosting. This is simply not true because your website is not residing on your desktop but in your web server. Whether you need Windows or Linux usually depends on the scripting language that is used to develop your website.

If your website is scripted in ASP or runs a Microsoft Access Database, then you need to go for our Windows package. If it is coded in PHP, then you can try either our Windows or Linux platform.

Another consideration is the control panel that you prefer. Our Windows platform is available with Plesk control panel if required, while Linux is available in both Plesk and cPanel. If you are used to either one, then you may wish to stick with the same system and go with that platform.

Disk Space
How much hard disk space do I need? Our Budget package provides you with 500MB of disk space. From our web experience, this is sufficient for many of our clients. If you plan to have a large photo gallery, many e-mail accounts or use your website as an FTP server then you may need to go with one of our larger packages.

We want to move to your company
You are hosted with another web hosting company and want to give us a try, but do not know how to go about this. To help you, we just need to know your domain name and we can make all the necessary arrangements for you. In nearly all cases there will be no extra charge.

Free Web Hosting ;-)
Yes we have this too! Limited to charity organizations and selected websites, free web hosting also entitles you to full cPanel features, website statisitics, unlimited email accounts, huge resource space and more. Please inquire for details.

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